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In January 2002 we introduced sea kayaking to our list of services. We invested in quality equipment as well as gave our guides an internationally recognized Sea Kayaking Guide Certification course, enabling us to guide true international standard sea kayaking expeditions in Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay.

With this level of professionalism came outstanding feedback from our clients and our kayaking trips have quickly become the most popular way to explore Halong Bay. Not only are we proud of the over 1800 person paddling days we had in 2002, we are extremely proud of the positive impact to the local environment. With clients and guides picking up garbage as they paddle, there has been a significant and very noticeable reduction in litter!

A Word About Kayaking in HalongBay


Ha Long Bay is truly a natural wonder with over 3000 islands, grottos and limestone mountains that soar skyward out of calm emerald waters. In a kayak you can paddle through some of the many caves which lead to breath-taking lagoons, paddle to a floating village to experience this unique way of life and even buy some pearls cultivated in the local pearl farms. The flora and fauna of the bay is spectacular and witnessing a beautiful Sea Hawk swooping down to grab dinner is a common sight. A night paddle, surreal and mysterious, will reveal the incredible phenomenon of phosphorescence present in the water, each paddle stroke leaving a trail of glitter.


Beach Base Camps

Among Halong Bay’s thousands of islands are countless beautiful secluded beaches. We have worked closely with the local Park Authorities to set up Private Base Camps on two of these beaches. Build into the natural surroundings are cozy straw huts, conveniently equipped with mattress and mosquito nets as well as a light and fan. Each Base Camp also boasts a western toilet and fresh water shower, amenities that you’ll welcome at the end of your paddling day. The camps are staffed by friendly locals who keep the camp safe, clean and tidy, so you can explore the bay knowing your belongings are well kept. They are also great cooks and you’ll be raving about the mouthwatering dishes, especially the fresh local sea food!

The Equipment

Our new tandem sea kayaks enable us to offer a true sea kayaking experience to avid Sea Kayakers, recreational kayakers and first time paddlers alike. These state of the art boats are very stable, comfortable and cover greater distances in a day, allowing you to explore more and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay. Along with paddles, lifejackets and spray skirts, our boats are equipped with two sealed compartments for gear and we also have 'dry bags' to help keep your gear safe from the elements.



Not only have we invested in quality paddling equipment and safety gear, but we have invested in educating our guides. Our guides have completed a 5 day intensive Sea Kayaking Guide Certification course. Along with teaching such things as training skills, leadership skills and navigation, a strong emphasis was placed on rescue and first aid techniques. Our Sea Kayaks are designed for ocean touring and are extremely stable in rough waters. Our trips, especially those for recreational and beginner kayakers are within the sheltered, calm waters of Ha Long Bay, therefore there is little or no risk of the kayak capsizing.

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Legacy Cruise
Duration : 2&3daysPrice : 88 usd
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Duration : 2 & 3 daysPrice : 100 usd
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Duration : 2 & 3 DaysPrice : 132 usd