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L'Azalée Cruises

Of class: Luxury

The number of cabin: 10

Phone suport: +84-4-37568868


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 About L'Azalée Cruises

Established in 2015, L'Azalée Cruises operates six vessels which comprise one of the most modern, comfortable fleets in Halong Bay, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site
L'Azalée Cruises proudly offers Halong's newest premier cruise experiences on vessels which operate to certified marine standards and come fully appointed with modern safety features and equipment together with kind and professional staff. Moreover, our cruises were created based on the goal of combining heritage and culture with international resort standards.
Along with a team of friendly, professionally-trained staff, our fleet managed by TMG Hospitality offers the best culinary and premium cruise experiences on par with any of the world's leading hotels.
An Azalea flower needs temperate, fresh conditions to flourish, and we are delighted to host our guests in a similar atmosphere, mixing feminine, sweet, fresh and delicate touches. Our fleet is innovatively designed and decorated in bright turquoise and orange hues, making L'Azalée not only a highlight of Halong Bay, but also creating a fresh and active presence for guests on board.
With carefully trained English-speaking staff and a warm, professional attitude, we aspire to leave all cruise passengers fully satisfied upon arrival, with welcome drinks served on board. We proudly provide international-standard accommodation and facilities on all cruises, including a sundeck, restaurant, bar and marina-based lounge exclusively reserved for L’Azalée cruise guests. These facilities create comfortable and convenient trips while serving unique and appetizing cuisine as well.
Those who choose L’Azalée Cruises on their visit to Halong Bay will not only enjoy the majestic scenery, but will also experience Vietnamese culture while on board through cuisine and special activities that allow guests to get an up-close and personal view of local life by visiting a floating fishing village and a pearl farming village on unique cruise routes.
L'Azalée Premium Cruise
The four L’Azalée Premium Cruise vessels are uniquely designed, private Asian-style junks that use wood as their main material, creating a warm and comfortable feel.
The fleet’s capacity is four people for a Day Cruise and two people for an Overnight Cruise. The modern, convenient accommodation includes one deluxe cabin (32m2) fitted out with a queen-size bed, en-suite bathroom and shower, flat-screen TV with surround sound, a safety deposit box and a built-in wardrobe. The cabin also features a swim and snorkel private deck, allowing for intimate exploration of the bay. These vessels include a private top deck, 10m2 covered dining terrace and an 18m2 sun deck with sun beds. All food is served on the top deck at times of your choosing. This cruise is ideal for guests looking for privacy or a romantic escape during their Halong experience.
Once on board, your personal butler will handle all of your needs and introduce you to the heritage of Halong Bay. Delicious food and beverage options made from fresh local ingredients served at the restaurant and bar are also a highlight of the trip, including free flow soft drinks and a selection of teas, coffees, beer, wines, cocktails and mocktails. Meals served on over night cruises include breakfast, lunch, sunset tapas and dinner.
• Each premium vessel has a spacious 32m2 cabin.
• Comfortable Queen size bed
• Salon with panoramic windows
• Swim & snorkel private deck
• En-suite bathroom & shower
• Air conditioning & heating
• Flat screen TV, CD/DVD player, 5.1 sound system
• In-cabin safety deposit box
• Built-in wardrobe
• Private cruise top deck.
• Offering guests the utmost privacy while enjoying spectacular views of Halong Bay.
• All food prepared on the top deck by your crew and served at the time of your choosing.
L'Azalée Deluxe Cruise
The lone vessel used for the L’Azalée Deluxe Cruise is the largest member of the L’Azalée Collection fleet, with 10 Superior cabins (16 m2 each) and two Junior Suites (23 m2 each), all of which has a private bathroom, as well as bathrobes, life jackets and a safety box. Each of the suites features a private outdoor deck at the rear of the ship.
The L’Azalée Deluxe is the ideal option for groups such as big families, but also maintains privacy. Our onboard dining area serves dishes in a bright atmosphere overlooking the bay, while our lounge-style sundeck offers perfect views of the surrounding scenery along with a selection of international-standard beverages. Visitors can also lay on a sunbed and savor cool drinks, or lounge along the upper deck and observe the splendor of the majestic surroundings offered by the World Heritage Site. The Deluxe Cruise offers a full daily breakfast buffet, as well as fusion lunches and dinner with a starter buffet, a la carte mains and a dessert buffet. Board games, books and playing cards are also available for your entertainment.
Deluxe Cruise features a total of 12 cabins, including:
10 Superior Cabins (16m2 each) with choice of double or twin beds
2 Junior Suites (23m2 each) + rear private outdoor deck area of 3sqm
Open air sun deck with large sun shade and sun loungers, panoramic views of the bay in complete comfort
Sun deck bar
Large restaurant for buffet and other meals
Restaurant bar
All facilities are brand new
Unique design & style on Halong Bay
L'Azalée Classic Cruise
With a unique design and premium facilities, guests can contemplate the epic creations of nature either from comfortable seats under the sun on the upper deck, or take in panoramic views through the large windows on the lower deck while enjoying the refreshing air-conditioning. The single L’Azalée Classic Cruise vessel is 24 m in length and has a capacity of 40 guests. Passengers can enjoy a full Western and Asian fusion buffet lunch along with drinks like wine, beer, cocktails and mocktails served at an international standard. 
• Serving full Western & Asian fusion buffet lunch of an international standard.
• Lounge bar, beer list, wine list, cocktail & mocktail selection.
• A unique design, premium & ultra-comfortable space to explore the bay.
• Open top deck with comfortable seating, sun beds and sun shade.
• Lower deck has air conditioned lounge bar with panoramic views.

 Overnight cruises provide guests with the ultimate Halong Bay experience, allowing them to learn more about their legendary surroundings and get a taste of the bay at night, when darkness shrouds the limestone karsts in mystery. L’Azalée offers two types of overnight cruises: on a romantic private boat, or on a more communal joined boat.

Intimate Journey To The West
This intimate L'Azalée Premium Cruise allows couples to gain a deeper understanding of Halong Bay while maintaining an exclusively private atmosphere. A number of fascinating activities promise to create unforgettable memories during your cruise. Kayak, walk through caves, explore empty beaches and even try your hand at squid fishing. This cruise will offer breathtakingly romantic moments that only L’Azalée can provide.
Day 1
You will have lunch before visiting the Dark and Bright Grotto, where couples can kayak inside the cave and explore its pockets of light and dark.
You can also choose to walk through Me Cung Cave on Lom Bo Island and discover its numerous chambers and incredible stalactites.
Then, stop at quiet Soi Sim Island and lounge on the white-sand beach in each other’s arm or swim in the calm, aquamarine sea
Day 2
Take in a spectacular sunrise from your private terrace before diving into Halong’s culture with a visit to picturesque Cua Van floating fishing village.
Sail back to Tuan Chau past some of Halong’s most iconic limestone formations, setting the stage for a beautiful ending to your cruis
Intimate Journey To The Center
Let L’Azalée take you and your special someone on Premium Cruise which highlights Halong Bay’s caves, creating memorable moments of intimacy along the way. Halong’s unique geologic feartures, along with L’Azalée’s unparalleled service, are sure to you and your beloved in awe. 
Day 1
The first stop is Luon, or Tunnel, Cave, home to vertical cliffs and smooth blue waters. Choose to either paddle into the cave in a kayak, or have a sampan guide you in.
Dive into the serene bay at Soi Sim Island, or hike to its peak to enjoy awe-inspiring vitas of the bay.
Try your hand at squid fishing in the evening, or simply enjoy the private accommodation and the mystique of the bay at night.
Day 2
The following day, stop at Sung Sot, or Surprise Cave on the way back to the marina. This is the largest and most beautiful cave in all of Halong Bay.
Halong Explorer
Savor the unique beauty of Halong Bay during this exciting cruise. Our joined boat cruises, hosted aboard the L’Azalée Deluxe Cruise vessel, create a more social experience for guests looking to make friends during their travels, while our fantastic cabins ensure that you can still enjoy privacy. Cruise through the awe-inspiring limestone formations and experience local culture firsthand on the largest vessel operated by L’Azalée Cruises.
Day 1
Visit the Lom Bo Canal area, home to a floating pearl farm, where guests will learn how pearls are made buy them directly from the source.
Then, drop anchor at Kiem Lam, where you can choose to kayak and swim around the karst or lounge on board while enjoying the beautiful natural vistas.
In the evening, take part in the “Wrap and Roll” competition, which determines which guest is the best and fastest when it comes to wrapping fresh spring rolls.
Day 2
On the second day, enjoy the sunrise over Bai Tu Long Bay, followed by a special Tai Chi class, which will add another dimension to your Halong journey.
Afterwards, sail to Sung Sot, or Surprise Cave, where guests can walk through the fascinating grotto and get an inside look at Halong Bay’s beauty.
Lunch and dinner on Day 1.
Breakfast and light snack on Day 2.
Kayaking activities.
 Visits to Peal Farm, Kiem Lam and Surprise Cave.
On board insurance, tax and service charges for your itinerary package.
All airfares, transfers, hotels and visa arrangements.
All services not listed above.
All beverages consumed on board.

 Deep Into The Bay

What is even better than spending two romantic days and one intimate night on majestic Halong Bay together with your special someone? L’Azalée’s longest cruise gives couples three days and two night of wonderful privacy in the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, allowing you to fully explore both the incomparable natural beauty and fascinating local culture.
Day 1
Begins with lunch off of Cat Ba Island, before sailing on to Kiem Lam, where you can swim and kayak or simply relax on board and take in the incredible scenery.
Then, cruise further on before stopping for dinner and an intimate evening.
Day 2
Brings you to Ba Hang, where couples will have the choice of exploring caves, visiting a fishing village or paddling around in a sampan to two grottos.
Afterwards, sail on to Ti Top or Soi Sim Islands, where you can hike to the peak for stunning panoramic views of the bay.
Day 3
Begin your final day with a beautiful sunrise and leisurely breakfast before sailing back to Tuan Chau, taking in the majestic scenery along the way.
Welcome drinks.
Choice of pre-selected set lunch menu.
Sunset tapas.
Choice of pre-selected dinner menu.
Full L’Azalée breakfast.
Light lunch served at L’Azalée Lounge/Café upon disembarkation from your boat or as a picnic pack for takeaway.
Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages.
Use of two single kayaks, snorkels and masks, fishing equipment, board games and cards, selection of DVDs and CDs inyour cabin.
Entrance fees to Halong Bay and optional sightseeing locations.
The Heart Of Halong
Our extended joined boat cruise offers the same exciting adventures and unique activities as the two-day trip, plus an extra day’s worth of exploring.
Day 1
Begin Day 1 with a visit to a floating pearl farm before joining a cooking class. In the evening, take part in the exciting Wrap & Roll competition for the chance to win a prize.
Day 2
Start the second day with a Tai Chi session on board before choosing from one of two routes through the bay for the rest of the day.
The first route will take you to Three Peaches Island and Luon Cave. Alternatively, guests can choose to stop at Ti Top Island.
The second route option begins at Cua Van Fishing Village. Then, explore either Luon Cave or Ti Top Island and return to the boat afterwards for your second night on Halong.
Day 3
Begin the third and final day with another Tai Chi session and a stunning sunrise over Bai Tu Long Bay entering Sung Sot Cave and returning to Tuan Chau.
Lunch and dinner on Day 1.
Breakfast and light snack on Day 2.
Kayaking activities.
Visits to Peal Farm, Kiem Lam and Surprise Cave.
On board insurance, tax and service charges for your itinerary package.
All airfares, transfers, hotels and visa arrangements.
All services not listed above.
All beverages consumed on board.


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