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Halong Bay Tours

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 Băi Cháy Tourist  Wharf - Thiên Cung Grotto - Đâu Gô Grotto - Đỉnh Hương (Lư Hương) Islet - Trống Mái Islets (4 hours).
t takes about 30 minutes from Băi Cháy Wharf to the southwest of Đầu Gỗ Island, where are Đầu Gỗ Grotto and Thiên Cung Grotto located. Stopover at the Thiên Cung Grotto for visiting (about 45 minutes visiting), then to Đầu Gỗ Grotto which is closed to Thiên Cung Grotto (about 45 minutes visiting). Continue the trip, passing Con Chó (Chó Đá) and Đỉnh Hướng Islets, and many strange-shaped islets in this area. After that you will reach Trông Mái Islet (Cap Gà Islet), 1 km from Đinh Huong Islet. Back to Băi Cháy Tourist Wharf for about 45 minutes.

 Băi Cháy  Tourist  Wharf - Mê Cung Grotto - Sửng Sôt Grotto - Bồ Nâu
Grotto - Ti Tốp Island (7 hours)

It takes about an hour from the Wharf to Mê Cung Grotto. Stopover at Mê Cung Grotto. Continue the trip of about 15 minutes to reach Bô Nâu Grotto. Leave Bồ Nâu to Sửng Sôt Grotto - the most beautiful and enormous grotto in Hạ Long Bay. Get on the boat to Ti Tốp Island (takes 10-15 minutes). After spending an hour to climb up the peak, swimming or relaxing return to Băi Cháy Wharf. On the way to come back, the boat pass by many beautiful islands.

 Băi Cháy Tourist Wharf - Thiên Cung Grotto - Đầu Gỗ Grotto - Đỉnh Hương
(Lư Hương) Islet - Trông Mái (Cap Gà) Islet - Mê Cung Grotto - Sửng Sốt Grotto - Ti Tốp Island - Bồ Nâu Grotto - Luồn Grotto (10 hours)

Take the same path as the first tour to Trống Mái Islets, then goes further southeast to Ti Tốp Island (about 45 minutes). Stop over about an hour at Ti Tốp Island for climbing up the peak or relaxing and swimming. Then leaves for Mê Cung Grotto, closed to Ti Tốp Island about 10 minutes boating. After 30 minutes visiting Mê Cung Grotto, then go to Sửng Sôt Grotto (both located on Bồ Ḥn Island). Stopover at Sửng Sôt Grotto. Get on the boat, pass by fishermen’ village to reach Bồ Nâu Grotto (15 minutes visiting and taking photograph). Continue the trip to Luồn Grotto. At the entrance gate, a small boat will take travellers to enter the cave for 15 minutes visiting (the ticket including fee for the boat). On the way to come back, the boat pass by many beautiful islands such as Đầu Người, Con Cóc...      

 Băi Cháy Tourist  Wharf - Bái Tử Long Bay - Tam Cung Grotto - Sửng Sôt Grotto - Ti Tốp Island (8 hours)

Departure from Bai Cháy Tourist Wharf toward the southeast, the boat pass by Hoàng Gia Park, Bai Cháy, Hon Gai, Bài Thõ Mountain, Vung Oan (small Oan harbour) then reach Bái Tu Long Bay. Through narrow gaps between stones such as Rong, Am islands. Reaching Tam Cung Grotto after about half an hour. From Bái Tu Long Bay to Ha Long Bay passes an area with many interesting islands such as Dau nguoii and Con Rùa to reach Ti Top Island. Stopover for about an hour to climb up the peak of hill to admire the views over the bay or swim and relax on the beach. A further 20-minute journey will take you to visit Sung Sôt Grotto for 45 minutes. Then returns to the wharf.

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